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About Us

Okko Global is an advanced business solution designed to work in the digital era. We are a global leader in the design of solutions and business optimization strategies. We provide customer support in the front office, as well as back-office support services like collections, accounting, and technical support. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ingenuity in service, Okko Global provides the broadest range of services available on the market.

At Okko Global, we believe that being good isn’t enough. This is why we are the leader in the field of building strong teams and delivering extraordinary business results. We tackle our customers’ challenges in their business head-on and help them improve their performance to new levels of achievement.

Our Services



With sophisticated analytics, we can help you unleash the potential of data to be more insights-driven and re-imagine your business to keep up with changing business demands swiftly.


Content Moderation

Protect your brand and community against exposure to malicious content as well as fraud, abuse, and exploitation.



The art and science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google.


Digital Transformation

Nowadays the digital world is agile, quick, and always changing, driven by changing customer and market requirements..



Okko Global assists companies integrate a chat and existing channels of interaction with customers to deliver superior online customer service.


Tech Support

From self-service to connecting in touch with product specialists Okko Global Services will guide you through the different levels of technical support.

Our Skills

Okko Global is a pure-play on the cognitive and digital space. We make use of the most advanced techniques and methods to assist organizations in transforming every way. We aim to change the world one step at a. We excel by transforming businesses to be more digital and cognizant in the future.

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They provide very good back office services even if you are based outside India


Very excellent Customer support for our clients they provided


Ill suggest Okko Global as the best all in one solution for your company


The best consultancy provider from India


Why Choose Us?



We at Okko Global offer the most reliable technologies-oriented services to the customers.


We Simplify

Okko Global simplify each and every services to customers so that you can understands us.


We Accelerate

We at Okko Global perform everything swiftly and quickly. With us you will get all service on-time.



Transparency is key of success. Being transparent Okko Global gain the customer trust and loyalty.

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