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Accounts Receivable Services

Okko Global offers a complete assortment of collection services as well as contact centers to meet the diverse needs of our customers requirements. We have developed an infrastructure of operating sites across centers of excellence with a focus on specific market segments or portfolio segments.

This infrastructure lets us offer programs ranging from outbound calls and inbound answering as well as fulfillment services. We offer both third-party and first-party solutions that offer a variety of service and cost options that make the most of both international and domestic labor markets.

We also provide support to accounts throughout the entire revenue cycle.

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We Use Market-Specific Expertise

Vertical market-specific data and our strategy allow us to focus our attention on every market and business line and are assisted by a dedicated decision analytics team. We provide the most advanced technology available and access to more global operations.

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As the world’s leader of the Accounts Receivables and Collections Management sector, we have collaborated with major corporations in diverse sectors and industries. Our collections and account receivables teams are quick to call customers with debt issues and determine the reason for non-payment and establish the appropriate contingency payment plan in line with your customer service and service plans.

In the present, when there is a neck-to-neck battle between businesses and it is crucial for companies to maximize their resources and get the best return on investment. Many firms today aren’t able to allocate their resources and time effectively to manage the demands of time and debts over the course of the period.

The goals of cash flow demand an efficient account Receivables procedure that guarantees that businesses receive their funds in a quick time frame as well as increase their collection rates and will also speed up the processing of invoices that can improve cash flow.

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