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We at Okko Global, provide the highest quality human intelligence that powers AI technology and conducts studies. Whether it’s training self-driving cars or delivering ads, our experts from around the world on human-driven technology procedures and solutions offer customers a thorough knowledge of the best practices in the industry. This allows them to grow the training programs quickly and effectively. They also do it well.

Respond to the increasing requirement to correctly determine as well as label and categorize audio, video, text image, GIF files using an approach that balances Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with human comprehension and validation. Data quality is base upon which the foundation for successful AI or ML can be developed. While Okko Global Services are constantly upgrading our tool’s security protocols, tools, and global footprint, our main concern is the quality of the data we provide our partners to help them meet their development goals.

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With customized teams, gold-standard procedures, proactive monitoring and feedback loops, as well as other quality assurance methods You can be assured that you’ll get the greatest value from your training information.

Utilizing design thinking methods we work with companies’ internal teams to find how to define, design, and develop the most effective data products, data strategies to meet their needs. By using agile techniques, we build the initial definitions of these products before they are put into production. We make sure that throughout the processes that all stakeholders from business are involved and are aligned to what we end up with.

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What Can We Provide?

Our knowledge and experience allow us to develop a vast range of solutions that span entire industries like travel, finance media and entertainment, health, retail, and many more. We help to make data more accessible and promote the shift of organizations towards an increasingly data-driven culture.

Our team blends the power of data with business practices with the most advanced software and algorithms that allow companies to have an interactive, deeper, and meaningful dialogue with their data. We empower our clients to gain an edge in the market by revealing the true value of data and generating valuable, actionable and relevant business data.

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