Visa & Consular Services

Visa & Consular Services

Okko Global provide outsourcing solutions for government agencies, assisting them with consular and visa services and delivering superior service to residents and tourists.

We work with the government, managing the administrative interaction with travelers and citizens. We offer our customers complete solutions, from the provision of information across multiple platforms, to direct face-to-face appointment scheduling as well as payment management and back-office functions.

visa services
visa consular services

What Do We Offer?

We aid governments in increasing the effectiveness of their administrative procedure for passport and visa applications, allowing them to concentrate on the most important decision-making tasks. We handle:

  • Information and communication
  • On-line registration, appointment, and scheduling
  • Face-to-face appointment
  • Biometric data capture
  • Fee collectio

 Our in-house management software suite monitors and supports the operation at every stage of the process, providing our customers with live data in real-time for 100 % visibility and accountability.

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