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Every day, people using digital platforms create around two trillion bits of data. This data should be monitored and controlled to ensure that it does not harm the reputation of businesses and bottom lines communities, people, or. Security for customers and companies with effective and complete security and trust solutions has become a requirement for businesses.

Okko Global’s Trust and Safety services help keep predators from stealing from your websites by removing accounts and content when it is appropriate. Our team of experts utilizes technical knowledge in problem-solving, insights from users, along Machine Learning algorithms to keep your environment safe for legitimate users.

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Protecting Your Business in Ciritical Areas

To ensure an unsecured and safe online environment, we track the environment, reduce, and eliminate dangers in the most critical areas. We can help you safeguard your data and ensure compliance of regulatory requirements, protect your brand reputation, and avoid loss of money due to public errors.

Account authenticity & identity

We detect fraudulent accounts, access that is not authorized, and other illegal activities. We take down accounts in accordance with your policies.

Moderators of user-generated content

Pay attention to developing connections and closing deals. Our staff will look for suitable clients for you, qualify leads, and schedule appointments.

Support for developers & applications

Support for developers & applications: We ensure your applications comply with Google & Apple guidelines & safeguard your users by providing reviews of the script level.

Moderating & monetizing ads

We look for fraudulent or inappropriate content, and then remove ads that harm or target users.

E-commerce, Shopping, Payment Fraud

We monitor websites for fraudulent reviews, fraudulent transactions, unauthorized buyers, sellers, and transactions.

Support for Digital & Media

We track and scrutinize any usage of your screens as well as original content to ensure they’re legal.

Real Results

Our team of trust and safety includes experts in fraud that are backed by continuous research in the industry as well as insights from our worldwide operations. We use this information to ensure the safety of your users, cut down on user churn, and increase confidence in your brand.

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